Saturday, January 4, 2014

That was awesome.... then it wasn't so much.

Wanted to get a bit more miles in under my belt today so I started with a road run.  It was awesomesauce.

5.33 Miles on snowy roads and road shoulders
Time: 55:24
Average Page: 10:24/mile

That is a rockin' fast time for me.  And if felt good.  ITB was a bit tight by the end, but was holding together.

Got back to house, drank some water, grabbed the snowshoes and headed down the road 1/4 mile to where the snowmobiles had made a path.  Was still doing ok.  Then I started to "snowshoe run" in slow-motion.  I could tell my legs were tired, but they were working hard so I knew I was getting in a good workout, no matter how slow I was going.

I made it out 1.5 miles and then..

Except I didn't fall.  My lower back/left hip decided to stop working, but it still made me think of this clip from Family Guy.

I trudged my way back at an even slower pace. Not being able to go at a speed where I was working hard, I got a bit chilly and fully appreciated the heater running on high when I came through the door.

3.1 Mile snowshoe run
Time: 59:40
Average Pace: 19:15

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Jamie Anderson said...

These are real women, doing real things. Nice work. Rub some dirt on it and back at it tomorrow.