Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Running mid-week, WHAT??

Actually made it out when I got home tonight.  Did 2.4 on snowmobile trails.  The trails were frozen solid and a bit rough on the ankles, so turned around at 1.2 to not injure myself.

This was a big deal for me.  Got home after dark and was tired.  Wanted to prove to myself I could run mid-week.

I have to say a big thanks to Jamie for going out with me.  Was a little nervous hitting the trails in the dark and he was more than willing to tag along with me.

And we saw a shrew.  He dug a cute little hole to run away from us.

2.4 miles on snowmobile trails
Time: 29.54
Average pace: 12:25
(not too bad of a pace considering we did a lot of pausing and tiptoeing over ice)

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Sparkplug said...

Nice job, Kate! Getting out the door is the hardest part, and you did it :)