Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I did something ridiculous today because I need some running motivation.

 I registered for the TARC 50 miler.

I'm really bad at training, so I thought perhaps by publicly declaring my lunacy, maybe I would do better at getting out there and putting the miles in. I've got 22 weeks.

Today: 4 mile run in snowshoes in 12 degree weather (brr!)
Time: 55:26
Average Pace: 13:44

 Run was out to C and C road and back. Someone had kindly groomed the trails, making it easier to run on, though I'm not sure I'll ever think running in snowshoes is 'easy'.


Jamie Anderson said...

Yay!!! I love you and support you 100% on this endeavor.

Annie said...

I love your ridiculousness...

Enjoy the ride!


unstrung said...


Sparkplug said...

Awesome! :-)

And I'm with you- there's something about snowshoeing - it just is NOT easy, no matter what the conditions. Good job getting out there!