Sunday, June 21, 2009


In between the rain I went for a run on the trail Jamie showed me last week. With all the rain the trails were a bit muddier than last week, but were not as bad as I expected.

I started out a little slow, but got some of the creaks and aches out from spending the last 3 days packing and moving boxes of books at school and helping to pack and move a friend of mine yesterday. The dump road hill was a little rough but I ran the whole way even though my running is slower than walking at times.

After the hill I felt great going down the trail by the powerlines and when I hit the woods I actually felt like I was running at a semi-normal pace, something I haven't been able to do at all in the past 6 months. It was at this point that I remembered that I hadn't taken my blood pressure medicine today. Feeling like I was able to run again at a normal pace has solidified my decision to call my doctor to change my medicine to something that doesn't slow my heart rate down. I'm hoping a change in meds will help be get my body going a bit faster!

I was cruisin' through the woods and feeling great. I got about a quarter mile from home and I attempted to dodge a very large mud puddle. I made it halfway around and then totally wiped out and down I went into the deep muddy water. My first fall in the woods. I feel like a true trail runner now.

On a side note, I ran this 4.6 miles at a 12:56 average pace and last week with Jamie I ran it at a 14:29 average pace. Sweet.

Post Run Mud:
(you can also see the funny swelling that happens in my knees- it's like my knees have a weight problem)


Jamie said...

Yeah, mud!!! Nice job! Hope the switching the medication works. Stay dirty!

Sparkplug said...

Nice photo! A true trail monster now :-)

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