Saturday, June 13, 2009

Attempt #3

I think I've finally recovered from Pineland Farms. I'm still as slow as ever, but that horrifying feeling of overwhelming exhaustion didn't hit today when I ran. It also helped that Neighbor Jamie took me out on the trails by our houses to show me a new loop (4.6 miles!). He walked most of it because my running slows down so much after a mile, but it was very nice to have company and very nice of him to put up with my slowness.

My legs felt good too and my ad and abductors didn't tighten up until mile 3! Things are going along swimmingly. This week I'll try to get another run in during the week. The end of the school year has been keeping me a bit busy, but I'm curious as to how I feel with two runs/week. Very exciting!

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mindy said...

Nice Kate!! Awesome day to be out enjoying the wonderland :)