Saturday, June 6, 2009

Attempt #2

Things have been a wee bit busy with the birth of my niece and then coming back to work and dealing with the work that piled up, so I haven't done ANY form of exercise all week. No TKD and wiffleball ended, so I didn't even do any base running.

Today I decided to go out for a short run so perhaps I could finish it. I ran the Sarah Vaughn loop at a medium pace for me. I just get so tired. I'm not sure how I ever made it through 15 miles. I need to get back to the gym for cross training and I need to start doing intervals. I think I'm going to stick with some shorter mileage and work on my pace so I can go running in a reasonable amount of time.


Sparkplug said...

Kate, great to meet you at Pinelands last month! And just remember, that any time out running is better than none at all, so it's always good to get out there. I'm sure you'll be back to Pinelands again next year - all this crazy running is addictive :-)

Jamie said...

Ditto on Danielle's words. Great idea with interval work. It can do wonders for speed.

Kate said...

It was great to meet you too Danielle! Thank you for the encouragement and I hope I'm at Pineland Farms next year too. And maybe I'll finish in under 4 hours!