Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reason #56 to Lose the Gut: Harder for German Shepherds to Latch on to Your Stomach

It looked like a nice crisp morning this morning to take a little hike up Ossipee Hill. Jaime informed me that you could drive all the way to the gate now, so I thought I would challenge the Honda Fit. The Fit is awesome. I can't believe how well it handled the rocks. I felt like I was driving a Jeep up there - just a very tiny, low Jeep.

I didn't quite make it to the gate because of a large puddle with an indiscernible depth so I parked about 50 meters down the road from the gate and started to head up. I was about halfway up the mountain when two dogs came barrelling around the corner. I am NOT a dog person. They terrify me. Especially a German Shepherd that is coming at you full speed with his teeth showing. I froze as the dog jumped on me gripping my gut with his teeth. At this point I simultaneously screamed, started to cry and started to pee myself. The owner yelled and the dog unlatched, but he continued to circle me. The owner took him down on the ground as I slowly backed away from them. Fortunately the teeth and claws didn't make it through the fleece too much and I am just scratched a little; but it's sore and I think it will make for some good bruises later on today.

That little incident had my nerves a bit on edge and as the sky darkened and the wind picked up as I continued up the hill, things felt a little creepy. It started to rain a little just as I made it to the fire tower, so I didn't stay at the top long. And then I booked it back down the mountain for the heck of it. I love that it takes me 20 minutes to get up the hill and you can run down it in about 5 minutes. I'm sure my knees were cursing me the entire run down, but they already hurt, so I figured, what the heck?

So, lesson learned. If I had a fit and flat stomach, the dog perhaps would not have been able to bite me. Perhaps this will motivate me to get into better shape.


Jamie said...

Did you get their license plate number? I'd call the cops on those a-hole owners.

Fehlleistungen said...

I have two syllables for you. Law. Suit. I hope you're feeling ok today. (Incidentally, where can I find a list of the other 55 reasons?)

Random Blog said...

Girl - that sounds like a very terrifying experience!!! I am glad that you are ok. I had a little incident with a chunky lab named Cheddar last week - although the "run in" is more accurately described as a "greeting" compared to your unfortunate "attack"... it left me completely soaking wet in saliva from the waist down - we decided the dog really owes me dinner now and a movie too. hang in!!
Complain to the authorities - for sure!!

Minsuh said...



I am a dog owner and think that guy is TOTALLY irresponsible. You never take a dog off the leash if you don't have full control over the dog. And you especially don't take said dogs to places where there are hikers and runners. I would bust his ass and teach him a well deserved lesson. Did he apologize profusely? Did he offer to wax your car? With a Q-tip?

I also suggest that you hang onto that gut of yours. I think it saved your life. If it wasn't there you may no longer have a FACE.

Kate said...

The owner did apologize, but I was really too shocked to say anything and I was just trying to get further and further away from the dog. I suppose I should have asked about updated rabies shots, but I'm still alive and am all healed, just still bruised.

mindy said...

I'm glad you are ok - that is every runner's nighmare. And it has nothing to do with gut - it's all about crazy dog and crazy owner. I'm so sorry you had to go through it at all. I hope you're feeling better and glad you're still running strong.